ideaWallets, an excellent thinking suite to shine your best creativity!!

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ideaWallets is the most brilliant idea management and development suite which designed specifically for creative workers like artists, designers, project planners and other brain workers. The outstanding features of ideaWallets are:

Card, new generation of idea catching!

Note is quick and readable; however, creating card is a much better way to memory a great thought. ideaWallets adopts card instead of notes in order to effectively activate ideas more productive, and systematically arrange them for oncoming plan. Compared with note, card is greater intuitive and visible.

Cross Apps intelligence speeds up creation powerfully!

ideaWallets promotes thinking effectiveness and largely reduce time cost. You only need to create a card ONCE, afterwards, apply it on every single app by ideaWallets for advanced idea edit and reconsideration. Fast the way you think!

Customize creativity on your own!

Variety thinking tools by ideaWallets are the supreme option for you. Start with capturing a simple idea with card, and then select on-demand thinking tools to analyze and coordinate cards. Thinking tools by ideaWallets perfectly organize and integrate all ideas then generate the most amazing creativity.

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